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Girl Sweating

Why do people sweat?

  • People sweat to regulate their body temperature
  • It is the body's natural way of cooling itself down
  • To re-establish a balance our body needs to increase
    heat output - and it achieves this by sweating

Sweat is 99 % water

Skin Schema

Physical activity,
emotional triggers
and climate can all
cause you to sweat


Skin bacteria + Sweat =


How do you stop sweat ?

  • Your body needs to sweat
  • You can manage how much you sweat on parts of you body
  • Most anti-perspirants contain a gel-like ingredient that works
    to reduce sweat from your skin

Underarms only contain 1 % of our sweat glands

Skin Zoom

Anti-perspirants form gels in
the sweat ducts on the skin

Night time

Night time is
the best time

to apply your

As long as the skin is healthy,
there is no harm in the use
of anti-perspirants


About Rexona Clinical

Rexona Clinical Protection provides clinical strength
wetness and odour protection for 48 hours by using
a revolutionary TRIsolid® body-responsive technology


2x the protection against sweat

Rexona Graph
48 hr protection

Clinical strength


Rexona products are
dermatologically tested

Water resistant

Water resistant


Men vs Women

Women are better at regulating the amount of water
their body is losing, so they tend to sweat less and
won't begin sweating till they reach a higher
temperature than men typically start sweating at.

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Sarah Jane

Expert Advice

Deodorants and perfumes only
prevent odour by masking it with
scent. They do not stop sweating.

- Dr. Sarah Jane

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